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Financial challenges are unpredictable and when you or a family member is in the military, things can be even more uncertain. Military families are often forced to relocate or deal with deployment – both things that can present financial challenges, especially if things are on shaky ground to begin with. When someone back home is […]

There’s no denying it – most people don’t aspire to bankruptcy and many unfortunately continue to live with crippling debt instead of exploring bankruptcy. Despite bankruptcy being viewed negatively by many people, there are a number of positive things that come from filing. The key to appreciating what bankruptcy has to offer is to understand […]

Unless you have faced financial problems and dealt with the relentless behavior of creditors and bill collectors, you won’t quite understand the stress and anxiety triggered by the situation. Knowing that every time your phone rings it could be someone demanding money from you – money you do not have – weighs heavily on your […]

If you have fallen behind on a debt the lender might offer you an installment agreement to encourage you to make payments. This is often the case when a debt is turned over to a collection agency – many debtors receive warning notices from collection agencies that offer installment payments as an option for avoiding […]

All financial challenges are frightening, but nothing is scarier than owing a debt to the IRS. Most people facing a large IRS debt feel helpless and don’t know what to expect. The system is confusing and IRS debt collectors can be aggressive, so the first thing you should do if you are behind on tax […]

There is a tendency to view authority figures and those with any control over one’s life as an adversary – maybe even an enemy. This is especially true when we have made mistakes. If we feel out of control, someone stepping in and taking control can be intimidating. This is often the case when a […]

Telling your family you have decided to file for bankruptcy may be one of the toughest things you will ever do. Some people even choose not to share this information with family members at all. It is a personal decision and unless someone is affected directly by your decision to file, there is no official […]

It’s that time of year when you can reflect on the 12 months that passed and begin to look forward to the 12 ahead. For many people, reminiscing and planning involves finances – how they are now, how they could be better, and what needs to be done to achieve any goals. If you are […]

Bankruptcy court is often the most intimidating aspect of filing for bankruptcy. Someone who might be willing to file for bankruptcy if it were only a matter of filling out paperwork might choose a different path because the thought of “going to court” is just too overwhelming. The good news is bankruptcy court is not […]

Medical debt is one of the most common reasons people are pushed into financial turmoil. Most medical debt comes unexpectedly and is often much higher than expected – the amount of money associated with medical treatment can be astronomical. The problem is compounded even more when a person is unable to work because of his […]

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