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Most parents put the well-being of their children ahead of all of their other priorities Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t change this. But what happens when you pay or receive child support and bankruptcy comes into the picture? What do you need to know about bankruptcy and child support? Is Child Support Discharged in Bankruptcy? No. […]

What’s on your list of things to do before filing bankruptcy and should you include paying back loans from loved ones on that list? Many people turn first to their friends and family members when faced with financial challenges. Borrowing from loved ones cuts through a lot of the red tape you’d face and allows […]

Not surprisingly, like with many aspects of bankruptcy, there is often misinformation or worst case scenarios taken as absolute fact when it comes to tax debt. Some people might mistakenly think from information they’ve heard that tax debt is never dischargeable. Not true. Others may think it’s no different than your credit card debt and […]

Bankruptcy is a tool used by many Americans to alleviate the crushing debt in their lives. Unfortunately, it’s not always the right choice, especially if it’s not going to eliminate or help you re-organize the type of debt you have. But what about medical debt? If you’re struggling because of tens of thousands of dollars […]

Settling a debt might be an option if you are unable to pay the debt in full. It can help you eliminate daily calls from bill collectors and prevent your financial situation from getting any worse. Unfortunately, the offer to settle a debt might not be all it seems. What should you do if a […]

Credit card debt can be one of the most disruptive things in a person’s life. Though it’s possible to carry credit card debt without any problems, many people are deep in debt with no end in sight. And unfortunately, the high interest on many credit cards makes the problem even worse. If you feel as […]

Debt problems can spiral out of control quickly. One minute it’s slipped your mind to pay a bill and the next you’re receiving notification that a creditor is taking legal action against you. If you let a bill go unpaid long enough, the court can grant a creditor permission to take drastic action against you […]

Over the past decade, the generation born between 1980 and 2000 – the Millennials – have finished high school, graduated from college, and moved into the job market. Many of them are in the thick of dealing with adult responsibilities, which as most of us know, often includes managing debt. Unfortunately, many people in this […]

Even in this day and age, bankruptcy, to some people, carries a negative stigma. Many people fail to recognize bankruptcy as a tool to help people get out of debt and they assume that only “a certain type of person” files for bankruptcy. And in many of these cases, because they assume bankruptcy is bad […]

If you’ve ever thought a payday loan seemed like a convenient way to get money fast, you aren’t alone. These loans are marketed as simple and effective, and are enough to tempt anyone who is strapped for cash. After all, what can go wrong? You borrow a chunk of money for a few days or […]

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