This is the simplest and most common type of bankruptcy. Our office will ask you some simple questions and determine whether you are eligible.

If you are eligible, this chapter of bankruptcy will give you a fresh start within a few short months. You will often discharge all of your debt with no payments to creditors.

This chapter of bankruptcy is where debtors repay a portion of their debt over a 3 to 5 year plan. The amount of their payment depends upon their income or on whether they have any unexempt assets they wish to keep.

Sometimes bankruptcy is not always the answer. Very often a person or family can pay the debt if the creditor would just agree to more favorable terms. Sometimes it’s a matter of a lump sum payment for a much reduced amount. Often times the offers already being made to a consumer can be reduced even further with proper representation.

You may be at the point where creditors have now hired attorneys to pursue legal action against you. This is a very crucial time to act quickly before certain rights are lost. We will properly apprise you of your options and the consequences of these collection actions.

Like many homeowners, you may have fallen behind on your payments and are now faced with a foreclosure. Despite how bleak this may seem, there are many options still available to homeowners in this scenario. Due to the enormous amount of foreclosure litigation, it is often a time where a homeowner may be able to strike a deal and achieve the modification that will save them. There are also actions an attorney can take to buy you the precious time you need before making a final decision.

When someone is injured in an automobile accident, on the job, in their home or in a healthcare facility, the results can be physically and emotionally devastating for that person and their family. We have experienced lawyers who help injured people in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to obtain the compensation they deserve and need. Our veteran team gives every client personal attention while aggressively pursuing each case to its best possible conclusion.

Our firm provides representation in all manners of real estate. We have handled complex commercial transactions to routine residential closings. Our services range from negotiation of leases or sales contracts to planning and zoning matters.

Creating a will or other estate planning document is something many people put off because of its sensitive nature. The reality is that this is a very important step to make sure your wishes are carried out and your loved ones are protected.

We work with our clients to make sure they address and eliminate any potential problems, such as proper distributions and tax liabilities. We will review the various devices one can use to make sure their heirs receive the monies and property intended and in the easiest way possible.

Debt Negotiation, Foreclosure and Debt Collection Defense

Rockland-Bankruptcy is a Rockland County NY Bankruptcy Lawyer law firm. Our main offerings include: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers for your bankruptcy cases.

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