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The idea of declaring bankruptcy and having to go to bankruptcy court might seem intimidating. It might even be enough to prevent someone from filing. Fortunately, bankruptcy court is a lot less frightening than many people assume. It is nothing like the courtroom scenes shown on television and your bankruptcy lawyer will be with you […]

Financial situations vary from person to person. People who have been responsible and fortunate their entire lives sometimes find themselves in a difficult position. Unexpected life events can drive anyone to bankruptcy, even if you never considered it an option. Despite the variety of circumstances that can trigger bankruptcy, there are certain things that appear […]

Facing financial difficulty is stressful and receiving constant calls from creditors makes it more so. Once you file for bankruptcy, these harassing calls stop, but if you are only in the consideration stage and you have yet to officially file, the calls can be relentless. Though you cannot stop the calls completely without filing, you […]

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