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Talking to Your Family about Bankruptcy

Telling your family you have decided to file for bankruptcy may be one of the toughest things you will ever do. Some people even choose not to share this information with family members at all. It is a personal decision and unless someone is affected directly by your decision to file, there is no official reason why you need to let anyone know.

In spite of there being no requirement to share your choice to file for bankruptcy, some people decide to tell family and close friends because they want support during the process. If your family is willing to offer support and understands that you should not be judged for your financial missteps, this is a great idea. Bankruptcy can be tough from an emotional standpoint and having someone to talk to can really help. Unfortunately, you can’t expect everyone in your life to offer the type of support you need.

Making the Bankruptcy Conversation Easier

If you believe telling your family you are filing for bankruptcy is ultimately a good idea, here are a few tips:

Expect people to offer advice, but remember, the final word on your situation needs to come from you, based on information from your bankruptcy attorney. Even the most well-meaning people might overstep their boundaries. The best thing to do is be polite, thank them for their advice, and take any concerns or questions you have to an expert.

Ignore disapproval and commit to your decision to file. Nobody knows exactly the details of your circumstances other than you, so any opinions about whether or not you should file for bankruptcy is based only on what they know. And even if you have shared all the details of your financial situation with someone, they can never truly understand what you face on a daily basis. Sometimes the decision to file for bankruptcy is based on the chronic stress caused by financial worries or the ongoing harassment from creditors. There is no telling how someone will react until they are in your shoes.

Bankruptcy is a personal choice and one that might not be right for everyone. If you have decided to file, stick to your guns and be committed to building a better financial future.

What If I Have to Tell My Family?

There are situations in which you need to tell your family about your decision to file because you owe them money or you are expected to contribute money in some way. There is a chance a family member might even be officially notified of your decision to file. Though it might be difficult to discuss the subject with loved ones, you are better off being direct and honest about the situation. If speaking to them face-to-face is too much to handle, consider writing a letter or email explaining your choice to file.

Difficult discussions are always a challenge, but preparing for the situation can help. These tips from PsychCentral about discussing difficult topics in general might make discussing bankruptcy easier.

Are you considering bankruptcy? Do you think it might be the right way for you to get back on your feet financially? We can help. Contact the law office of Frank J. LaPerch, PC at 845.942.5500 to schedule a consultation.

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