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You Have Nothing To Lose…but Your Debt.

Bankruptcy often carries misconceptions that frighten people away and sink them deeper into debt. This can lead to bad decisions like borrowing against their own retirement accounts and future to pay off the ever mounting debt.

What they don’t know is that many people file qualify for bankruptcy relief and KEEP their homes, automobiles and retirement accounts. And in a short amount of time they rebuild their credit and have a fresh start that at one point seemed impossible.

Whether you decide to file or not – the information we can give you can help you make the RIGHT choices and AVOID disastrous ones. The difference between sinking deeper into debt and a possible fresh start is only one phone call away . . . you have nothing to lose . . .but your debt.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Attorneys

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Rockand County, NY Chapter 13 Bankrupctcy Filing

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Bankruptcy Attorney Frank J. LaPerch, PC Launches a New Bankruptcy FAQ  Page Shedding Light on Bankruptcy Myths for Rockland and Orange NY Families

Rockland-Bankruptcy is a Rockland County NY Bankruptcy Lawyer law firm. Our main offerings include: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers for your bankruptcy cases.


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  • May 14, 2017
    Paul & Marie D.
    My wife and I are very very satisfy with the service we were getting from Frank J. LaPerch PC. Excellent job
  • May 8, 2017
    C. P.
    Facing a difficult and emotionally fraught situation, I was able to navigate my way through with Frank's help and expertise. I'm forever grateful for all that he did for me.
  • May 5, 2017
    V. B.
    So It took me a while to decide on a lawyer. I met with quite a few before walking into LaPerch PC. Now let me say that I am not a legal expert but I do have a grade A intuition. I was immediately put at ease. Although my reason for being there was an unpleasant one, working with Frank LaPerch was the total opposite. He is patient and answered all my questions thoroughly. And if I had more, I was always able to get in touch with him. He came across as very knowledgeable without being smug. Quite honestly he went above and beyond what he was required to do. There was no pressure or judgment. The whole experience was simply smooth from beginning to end. The only downside? He only practices one area of law.
  • May 5, 2017
    Mick W.
    The customer service I received from Frank J. LaPerch was excellent. Going thru the process was very stressful but Frank was awesome at explaining everything fully, helping me through that difficult time in my life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Frank LaPerch to family and friends!
  • May 5, 2017
    Michael C.
    I found Frank LaPerch to be professional, highly knowledgeable and well respected in his field. He provided both expert advice and personal support, and guided me through every step of the process of my bankruptcy. I highly recommend Frank LaPerch and the services he provides.
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