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Our firm provides representation in all manners of real estate. We have handled complex commercial transactions to routine residential closings. Our services range from negotiation of leases or sales contracts to planning and zoning matters.

Dealing with lenders during a real estate closing can be a daunting task. We make sure our clients are on a level playing field with their mortgage provider and that no surprises arise during the closing process. When necessary, we conduct title reviews to ensure that there are no ownership or boundary disputes associated with the property being purchased. Whether the property is a single-family home, condo, co-op or a commercial building, we have the expertise to help you complete your transaction. In the event a dispute arises and a transaction results in legal action, our experienced real estate experts and litigators will protect your rights and interests throughout the proceedings.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Attorneys

Rockland-Bankruptcy is a Rockland County NY Bankruptcy Lawyer law firm. Our main offerings include: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers for your bankruptcy cases.

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