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Filing for bankruptcy can be a frightening experience, especially if you are concerned it could change your day-to-day living. Though there are many things you will need to give up, at least temporarily, and many things that might change once you file for bankruptcy, these changes are worth it for many. Bankruptcy allows for a […]

Bankruptcy can be one of the most effective tools available to help you get back on track in the New Year, but it is still a big decision. It is not the right option for everyone, but there are many who will turn their financial lives around by filing this year. If you are one […]

We’ve all been there – we swear we are not going to spend another dime holiday shopping and suddenly a sale pops up that is too tempting to resist. Disregarding our current financial difficulties, you put the item in your cart, whipping out the credit card or clicking the “buy” button impulsively. There is something […]

Are you contemplating bankruptcy? Are your plans to start fresh in 2015 and finally get your financial struggles under control? The end of the year is a great time to begin planning for positive financial changes, but your intention to file for bankruptcy can have a significant effect on your holiday season. Generous gift giving […]

For many divorced couples, the end of a marriage does not mean the end of the relationship. This is true when it comes to parenting and it is also true when it comes to finances. Financial decisions made by your ex spouse can affect you even after you are no longer married. If your ex-husband […]

Imagine finally working up the courage to take control of your financial situation and file for bankruptcy, only to learn it will do you no good. After endless calls from creditors and feelings of desperation in relation to your finances, you fill out the paperwork and take the necessary steps to get things under control. […]

A person filing for bankruptcy is required to participate in a Meeting of Creditors. It might seem like one of the most intimidating aspects of filing for bankruptcy, but if you understand what to expect and work with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, the meeting becomes just another part of the process. The Meeting of Creditors, […]

Determining whether or not you qualify for bankruptcy can be an intimidating experience. Struggling with finances does not automatically make you a good candidate for bankruptcy, and likewise, doing “OK” financially could still mean you are on a one-way path to needing bankruptcy. There are several things you need to consider when determining if bankruptcy […]

Contacting a bankruptcy attorneyContacting a bankruptcy attorney is something the average person tends to put off for as long as possible. Unfortunately, waiting too long can cost you even more. Though you do not want to rush into such an important decision, once you know for sure bankruptcy is a reasonable option, you should act […]

Bankruptcy fraud is a serious offense and can cause your bankruptcy case to be dismissed. Worse yet, it can get you into legal trouble. Unfortunately, people filing for bankruptcy are accused of committing fraud even if their actions were unintentional. This is why it is so important to work with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who […]

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