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Payday loans might seem like a convenient way to get cash quickly when you are stuck in a bind, but these types of loans can actually put you at great risk. For some payday loan borrowers, these loans are what led them down the path to bankruptcy. What are Payday Loans? Lending establishments that offer […]

Credit cards are one of the primary reasons people travel down the road to bankruptcy. They can be powerful tools to help manage money and enjoy rewards, but they can also be destructive and make it easier to get in much too deep, financially speaking. If credit cards are causing you serious financial trouble, here’s […]

Having past due bills is a common problem for many Americans. Unfortunately for some, unpaid bills are such a problem they receive calls from creditors on a regular basis. Whether you get the occasional call or text about a bill you forgot to pay, or you have mounting debt and an increasing problem dealing with […]

When you file for bankruptcy you will be required to participate in credit counseling just prior to filing, and you will also need to participate in debtor education after you file. Both programs help you learn how to manage your finances and credit better in the future. A debtor education certificate is not necessary prior […]

Unless you have faced financial problems and dealt with the relentless behavior of creditors and bill collectors, you won’t quite understand the stress and anxiety triggered by the situation. Knowing that every time your phone rings it could be someone demanding money from you – money you do not have – weighs heavily on your […]

If you have fallen behind on a debt the lender might offer you an installment agreement to encourage you to make payments. This is often the case when a debt is turned over to a collection agency – many debtors receive warning notices from collection agencies that offer installment payments as an option for avoiding […]

It’s that time of year when you can reflect on the 12 months that passed and begin to look forward to the 12 ahead. For many people, reminiscing and planning involves finances – how they are now, how they could be better, and what needs to be done to achieve any goals. If you are […]

Medical debt is one of the most common reasons people are pushed into financial turmoil. Most medical debt comes unexpectedly and is often much higher than expected – the amount of money associated with medical treatment can be astronomical. The problem is compounded even more when a person is unable to work because of his […]

There are many reasons why people choose to file for bankruptcy, but most fall into one of a few categories. If you are considering filing, it can be comforting to know that others have been in your shoes. If you face any of the following situations and feel backed into a corner financially, you are […]

If you have not paid a debt it is possible the creditor will file a claim in court and obtain a judgment against you. What does this mean? A judgment is the result of a lawsuit. If a claim is filed against you regarding a debt and you do not file an answer within a […]

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