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Many people assume filing for bankruptcy will solve all of their financial problems. In fact, many have used the process to the point of abuse when it comes to repaying their debts. They accumulate debt, planning in advance to declare bankruptcy and eliminate their responsibility to pay it back. Unfortunately, this has not only led […]

For many, the bulk of their debt is from the money they borrowed to attend college. Many people filing for bankruptcy either have a big chunk of student loan debt or are put over the financial cliff when their student loans come due. Furthermore, many of the most common questions from people considering bankruptcy relate […]

Not having enough money to pay your bills is usually a symptom of a bigger problem. Unfortunately, it can indicate a serious issue with your financial health. In many cases, something that begins as a minor problem making ends meet can spiral out of control. This is especially true for many lower and middle income […]

Bankruptcy is a mysterious process to many and in some cases people are embarrassed to admit bankruptcy is their only option. Unfortunately, society has created a bankruptcy stigma and people who choose to file believe they will be viewed as irresponsible or careless, and avoid filing, even if it is in their best interest. As […]

Many people are surprised to learn much of what they thought they knew about bankruptcy is actually untrue. Chances are unless you are struggling with debt or considering bankruptcy, you pay little attention to bankruptcy law. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of misunderstanding about the process, and in situations when a person might be […]

Financial issues are often a point of contention during a divorce and bankruptcy can complicate the situation even further. When soon-to-be-former spouses are considering or in the process of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the decision to divorce can have a major effect on the bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the option chosen by those who […]

For many people experiencing financial struggles, bankruptcy is an absolute last resort and they will do whatever it takes to avoid filing. Unfortunately, “whatever it takes” is often far more detrimental than had they chosen bankruptcy. Though bankruptcy does signify a person is experiencing significant financial hardship, it provides an opportunity to put an end […]

Wage garnishment is a term that frightens many people facing financial hardship. This is due in part to people not fully understanding how wage garnishment works. If a person owes a debt and is unable to pay it of his or her own accord, and he or she has a steady income from an employer, […]

Foreclosure is one of the scariest experiences a homeowner can encounter. The thought of losing your home because you fall behind on payments is devastating. Unfortunately, when you purchase a house, you can never be 100% certain what the future holds. The loss of a job or the surprise of medical bills can trigger a […]

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