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Nobody predicts they’ll need to file for bankruptcy one day. Most people view bankruptcy as a last resort and assume their circumstances will keep them immune to something that drastic. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict how everything will go in life, especially financially, and ultimately, nobody is immune to bankruptcy. No matter how careful you […]

By law, your bankruptcy application must be correction and complete, and if you omit information, even by mistake, it can lead to your request being denied. Not only might you ruin your chances for a successful bankruptcy, you could find yourself in serious legal trouble. Despite the dire warnings, there are instances in which information […]

Student loans are one of the most common types of debt for Americans and are often the reason people get into financial difficulty. If your student loans and other debts have left you considering bankruptcy, there are a few things you should know. There is a chance declaring bankruptcy will only take care of some […]

Imagine finally working up the courage to take control of your financial situation and file for bankruptcy, only to learn it will do you no good. After endless calls from creditors and feelings of desperation in relation to your finances, you fill out the paperwork and take the necessary steps to get things under control. […]

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