How Do I Stop a Creditor from Filing a Lawsuit Against Me

Debt problems can spiral out of control quickly. One minute it’s slipped your mind to pay a bill and the next you’re receiving notification that a creditor is taking legal action against you. If you let a bill go unpaid long enough, the court can grant a creditor permission to take drastic action against you – including garnishing your wages or taking your assets. If a creditor files for a...
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How Can Millennials Avoid Bankruptcy

Over the past decade, the generation born between 1980 and 2000 – the Millennials – have finished high school, graduated from college, and moved into the job market. Many of them are in the thick of dealing with adult responsibilities, which as most of us know, often includes managing debt. Unfortunately, many people in this generation are facing struggles far more severe than their parents and with so many of...
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Who Will Know I’ve Filed for Bankruptcy?

Even in this day and age, bankruptcy, to some people, carries a negative stigma. Many people fail to recognize bankruptcy as a tool to help people get out of debt and they assume that only “a certain type of person” files for bankruptcy. And in many of these cases, because they assume bankruptcy is bad and something of which to be ashamed, they avoid filing and cost themselves far more...
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Payday Loans: Your Path to Bankruptcy

If you’ve ever thought a payday loan seemed like a convenient way to get money fast, you aren’t alone. These loans are marketed as simple and effective, and are enough to tempt anyone who is strapped for cash. After all, what can go wrong? You borrow a chunk of money for a few days or weeks, and pay it back once you receive your next paycheck. Easy, right? Unfortunately, these...
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Going It Alone: Why It Might Be Your Biggest Mistake

It’s possible to file for bankruptcy on your own without the assistance of an attorney. Some people choose this path because they assume it will save them money. The truth is, though, filing without an attorney can cost them big in the long run. If you’re filing for bankruptcy, should you consider going it alone? First, it’s important to understand that filing for bankruptcy is about more than just filling...
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Do I Need to Default on My Debt before Filing for Bankruptcy?

The timing of your bankruptcy can be a major factor in how successful you are with filing. Just a few months can mean the difference between having debts fully discharged and having to repay them in a repayment plan. Make no mistake – when you file for bankruptcy is one of the most important factors in the process. One of the reasons people postpone filing is because they assume bankruptcy...
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Bankruptcy and a Second Mortgage: What You Need to Know

Many homeowners have a second mortgage on their homes. It can be an effective tool for easing financial challenges, helping with renovations and other bigger expenses, or for creating a better arrangement when you first buy your home.   Like with any debt, there is a certain level of unpredictability as to how life challenges and financial challenges could affect a second mortgage and your ability to pay. Even if...
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Bankruptcy Immunity: Is there Such a Thing?

Nobody predicts they’ll need to file for bankruptcy one day. Most people view bankruptcy as a last resort and assume their circumstances will keep them immune to something that drastic. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict how everything will go in life, especially financially, and ultimately, nobody is immune to bankruptcy. No matter how careful you might be with your finances, there is always a chance you could one day reach...
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How Will Your Spouse’s Individual Bankruptcy Affect You?

Finances are one of the most contentious issues in a marriage. This is especially true when one spouse has serious financial problems and the other has none – or at least not enough to warrant filing for bankruptcy .  It’s possible for one spouse to file for bankruptcy without the other doing the same, but rarely does the non-filing spouse go completely unaffected. Here’s what you need to know if...
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Are Payday Loans Paving Your Way to Bankruptcy?

Payday loans might seem like a convenient way to get cash quickly when you are stuck in a bind, but these types of loans can actually put you at great risk. For some payday loan borrowers, these loans are what led them down the path to bankruptcy . What are Payday Loans? Lending establishments that offer payday loans are not affiliated with the big-name banks you might be used to...
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Can Bankruptcy Help You Live Longer?

Having to file for bankruptcy is often viewed as something negative, but recent evidence shows filing might actually extend your life.  Of course, nobody is saying if you have perfect credit you should rush out, overextend yourself, and get into enough financial trouble to qualify for bankruptcy. However, if you are currently facing financial challenges and spend your days stressed about how you will ever get back on track, bankruptcy...
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How to Prevent Credit Cards from Driving You into Bankruptcy

Credit cards are one of the primary reasons people travel down the road to bankruptcy . They can be powerful tools to help manage money and enjoy rewards, but they can also be destructive and make it easier to get in much too deep, financially speaking.  If credit cards are causing you serious financial trouble, here’s what you need to know: Budgeting One of the most important things you can...
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How to Protect Yourself from Creditor Harassment

Having past due bills is a common problem for many Americans. Unfortunately for some, unpaid bills are such a problem they receive calls from creditors on a regular basis. Whether you get the occasional call or text about a bill you forgot to pay, or you have mounting debt and an increasing problem dealing with it, there are several things you need to know about what creditors are legally permitted...
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Tips to Help You Prepare for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is one of the most valuable tools available to those who need assistance getting their financial situation back on track, but it can also be one of the most intimidating circumstances in a person’s life. The good news is you can take steps to prepare yourself for bankruptcy and all that comes with it, ensuring things go smoothly and taking some of the emotional burden out of filing. What...
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Is Bankruptcy an Option for Service Members?

It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s possible to experience financial challenges. This applies to anyone in the civilian population, as well as military members. And in many cases, service members and their families might be at greater risk for financial struggles because of the nature of their work. There is a great deal of unpredictability and stress involved in a military career, and this sometimes translates into financial challenges....
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What You Need to Know about Employment and Credit Checks

Anyone in the midst of a job search already knows how frustrating the process can be and how it constantly feels as if you are being judged. Employers go to great lengths to ensure they are choosing the right candidate for a job, and in some cases that includes reviewing an applicant’s credit history. As unfair as it might seem, credit can factor into whether or not you are hired...
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Important Information about Asset Transfers and Bankruptcy

One of the biggest concerns you have when filing for bankruptcy is denial of your request. This is one of the primary reasons people filing for bankruptcy choose to work with an attorney – it decreases the chances of a denial or risking losing assets. Unfortunately, requests can be denied for a variety of reasons, even if the person filing did nothing intentionally wrong. One example of this is asset...
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What is a Debtor Education Certificate?

When you file for bankruptcy you will be required to participate in credit counseling just prior to filing, and you will also need to participate in debtor education after you file. Both programs help you learn how to manage your finances and credit better in the future. A debtor education certificate is not necessary prior to filing, but it will be necessary to complete the bankruptcy process. Debtor education programs...
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Four Tips to Help You Make Your Bankruptcy a Success

Bankruptcy can help you gain control of your financial situation and give you hope for the future. It also triggers some significant changes in your life. Those changes begin with filing and completing the lengthy list of to-do’s needed to ensure your bankruptcy is successful. Here are a few things you can do to make the process of bankruptcy easier for you and decrease the likelihood anything will go wrong...
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Eviction and Bankruptcy

Losing your home is a common concern for those filing for bankruptcy, but what about those who do not own their homes? What happens if you lease or rent your living space and you decide to file for bankruptcy? You might be surprised to learn bankruptcy can affect you regardless whether you rent or own. In many cases, someone filing for bankruptcy may be facing eviction because they are behind...
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